In Madrid, What’s Your Shtick?

To me, life becomes more interesting when one has a shtick.  You know, something that characterizes us.  It could be an interest, a talent, a job (boring), a trait, a hobby, or any combination thereof.  It could be an exaggerated complaint, although for the sake of fun, no complaining here. It might be extreme positions, as in a political battle, again, spare the seriousness for some other time. Let’s try to keep it fun for now, because there’s  plenty of pain out there already. Let’s not add any. Back to a shtick.

As an example, one interesting shtick for me came from a priest friend. I loved its simplicity. At the end of every morning mass, his parting words were, “Enjoy your breakfast.”  Sometimes he would change it up slightly and say, “Enjoy your great breakfast.”  As simple and corny as that seems, it was his shtick and most loved it. Some smiled, some laughed, and some made it a conversational point saying, “He really does like his breakfast.” His shtick gave others happiness. So for me, a shtick should offer happiness.

We run into many “shtick people” in Madrid, Spain.  The following is a pictorial compilation of  some of those shtick. Names and titles of the shtick are for entertainment value, after-all, that’s what a shtick is. Ha.

There is the standard, “I play in a band ‘Shtick’.”Schtick 3

There is the creative, but used often, “One guy, three heads on a table ‘Shtick’.”Schtik 4 There is the costume, “theme park characters need a break to ‘Shtick’.”Schtik 8

There is the costume upgrade, “Irving Washington, headless not on a horse man ‘Shtick’.”Schtik 2

There is the costume mega upgrade, “I am really a techie disguised as an alien, because no one else in their right mind would spend the kind of money I spent on this costume, but it’s a gig ‘Shtick’.”Schtik 6

Then there is the mega creative, “pizza delivery guy slipping  caught in mid-fall ‘Shtick’.”Schtik 1

And the double loaded creative, “levitating ‘yogi’ above a ‘yogi’ two guys means we need twice as many coins in the hat, but hey I am holding him up in the air like that little green guru in that star movie ‘shtick’.” Schtik 5

Best of luck in finding your shtick.