What to do in Naples, FL; Fifth and Third Walk

One of the to do’s in Naples Florida is to take in Fifth Avenue, and if you are a walker add Third Street to the journey. If you make it to Third Street, time it so that you reach Third slightly before sunset. Then, while you are enjoying Third, stroll over to the Naples Pier, you can see dolphin hanging out around the Pier as they come up for air. Manatee hang there in season. You may also catch a glimpse of a sea turtle if you are there during the right time.

Ok, so now for the details. Start at one of the two parking garages. They are free, and both are located on the east end Fifth Ave. One garage is on the north side, the other is on the south side. Follow the “Blue P” signs. There is also ample parking in the streets, but be aware of any permits that might be required. The parking garages are the safest bet.

Numerous restaurants and shops flank Fifth Avenue. A partial list of eateries includes, Chops, Yabba, Pazzo, Bistro 821, Vergina, Bellini, Café Luna and many others. Café Luna advertises the best value on the strip. Their tagline is  “A Veally Good Deal“. You might have guested, it is Italian food. There is a link to each of the websites here. Check them out directly to determine you own cravings.

Walking all the way down Fifth, that is, in the opposite direction of the garages, puts you right onto the beach. So if you do not feel like hiking over to Third to see the sunset from the Pier, you can catch the sunset and a view of the Pier from the beach at the end of Fifth.

If you take the stroll to Third Street you will turn left onto Third Street from Fifth Avenue. Know that streets run north and south and avenues run east and west. The sun sets in the west over the water. Being an east coaster, making that adjustment was DSCN0002slightly disorienting at times, as on the east coast the program runs the opposite with the water being east.

The sunset is beautiful over the Gulf. Hope for a few clouds and you can really get a great light show, with different hues of reds bouncing off all the clouds, lighting up the area in a mind-blowing spectacle when the sun is below the horizon. So sometimes with random clouds, the real color shows up five minutes after the sun falls below the horizon. Hope you do not see the green flash.

Stroll back along the beach to Fifth if you want, take in dinner at the numerous places along Third, or head back to Fifth for a dinner alfresco.
Whatever you fancy, this is the basis to a fun evening, customize it to fit your own schedule. You will not be disappointed.