Towns People Asked Part 2,

When I was 18 years old, my mentor/ father at the time was a wonderful Jewish man who had a hand in influencing me in my formative years. He passed on this story to me when I was questioning why things in this world happen. The story goes like this…

The town’s people asked the new stranger in town, “How can God let this happen?”

You see, marauders had entered the edge of town and pillaged the three homes sitting at that end. Two had been vacant at the time, but the third one, the largest one was filled.  The mother and her 8 children had all been heartlessly murdered. The three homes burned to the ground.

The man answered, “God had no hand in this debauchery.  Humans did this.”

The town’s people grumbled breathlessly at the man. So he continued, “We are flawed, we possess wicked motivations, selfish needs, and faithless dependence. God is infinite good, God is selfless love, and God wants us all to be a part of the solution. God is omniscient. We cannot ever be as God, but He wants us to follow His lead and become more sagacious and awake, and possess more personal security. Obtaining these will strengthen us on the inside, giving us the ability to settle our own internal conflicts, a sense of peace, and knowledge of what we are all about. Once there internally, we now enjoy a transformed faculty to promote the general welfare and good of other people. Most importantly, it will be genuine.”

He went on to tell me that the word genuine is very important here. A dictionary helped me gain a great understanding.

Over the years I have contemplated this story. o me it is a story of growth from the inside out.  If I am free, on the inside, from ulterior intentions, and contain personal internal security, I then can enjoy a transformed faculty profiting the outside.

It is also a story about personal responsibility for our self.  For our actions and for we are in our lives.

It is s story the keeps me trying. But it is a hard story and it is a hard try.