The Ride Part 1

So there we were, 30,000 feet somewhere above the Iberian Peninsula.  Laura, sitting in the window seat of a three seats across row needs to head to the washroom.  Really, I think to myself sitting in the middle seat. We are on an airplane, and I have heard no other English words from anyone except her and myself.  The guy next to me on the aisle seat looks fine and harmless. But really, I think again. This is a short flight, can’t you hang on to it just a bit longer?

As she starts to unclasp her seat belt, I have my answer, “no”. I think again, how it would be helpful to at least know “excuse me” in one of the required languages, Portuguese or Spanish, of which, one country we are flying to, the other we are flying over.  But no, typical us, fly, no pun intended, by the seat of our pants and figure it out as we go. So in this instance, as always, we figured we could muddle our way through as long as we are polite and respectful that we are in their country.  When in Rome do as the Romans, we would cheer with glee to each other, before boarding.  But here was our first real test. Why is everything and I do mean everything, always easier said than done?

Well fears rest aside, the young man, twenty- ish, speaks some English, whew!  At last, Laura makes her way to freshen up.

Well there I am left alone to talk to this nice Portuguese young man. For those that know me, I am a pretty good talker myself. Apparently there are a lot of words within me dying to get out. When I have no one to speak to I write, hence this blog, a few books, another on the way. Anyway, I cannot let myself digress, because I will, and before long the reader will not be certain which story they are in. So back to me and the fine young Portuguese man sitting on an airplane.

Well, Laura’s move proved to be a great ice breaker, just enough to stir things up. Not only did this nice young guy speak a little English, he spoke a lot of English and very good, better that I write. The information he shared with us proved so valuable that we saved almost fifty dollars.  When Laura returned from her cabin check, she helped bring the conversation to a whole new level, her being a bit less skeptical than I.

Now, I have to admit, being the cynical one in the duo, it did run through the back, well the front too, of my mind that this was all a set up for a bigger score for the young man; and us potentially getting rolled upon arrival at baggage claim. But the more we spoke to him, the more I controlled my untrusting thoughts, with  caution. But at least listening and slowly gaining more of this nice man’s genuineness.

Our visit to his country was certainly enhanced by the ideas, and information he had shared. As we disembarked and collected our baggage he met us at the taxi stand…

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