The Ride 3

As our bags are tossed into the trunk of the cab, I ask the driver about the fare. He looks at me saying, “No English”.  He then points, offering, “Meter”, as he closes the trunk of the car, slam!

Before I could give it a second thought, we were in the back seat being whisked out of the airport.  I again attempted communications with the driver. But only ran into the same shield, “No English”. Now my skepticism was in high swing, and for no real reason, other than it just didn’t feel right.

Twenty minutes passed, and I mentioned my uneasiness to Laura, who replied “Let’s give it a bit more time”.

Twenty-Five minutes had now passed and I needed to test my theory. “Hey”, I said looking to Laura, “Didn’t our friend on the plane say that our hotel was only fifteen minutes from the airport.”

As I completed the sentence, I notice the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror. In fact, they met mine. Before I could act, further testing is required, because I know my intuition can sometimes be off, although not too often, ha.

At the thirty-five minute mark, I said to Laura, and loud enough for the driver to hear, “Something is not right here, according to the map and our plane friend, we should have been at the hotel by now and this guy claims he can’t speak English.”

As I completed the sentence, I saw the eyes again, BINGO! I hit pay dirt.

I devised a plan and share it out loud with Laura, “What do you think of this,” I asked? “I do not want to pay this guy any more than what we should. But I think he has taken us for a ride. When we get to the hotel, you run in and get the concierge, and let him know our suspicions. I’ll stay here with the cab. If my suspicions are wrong, he will tell us. If not, then we pay only the Twelve Euro fare.”

His eyes met mine once again. I think I got this one, I said to myself.

The cab immediately made two quick right turns, ending the ride at the front door to our hotel, not just a hotel, the Sofitel.

Laura got out. The driver did not even open his door. I removed our luggage from the trunk, and paid the cab fare. The concierge said Twelve Euros, includes the tip. The meter read Thirty Seven. We paid the twelve.

The concierge/bellman at the Sofitel saved us. He was awesome! To visit the hotel site directly go here…

Or, if you want, the below banner will take you to their world wide reservations.