The Ride 2

So we arrived at the taxi stand just outside the airport. Our seat mate from the plane had said he would meet us here, but we could not see him.  With my memory, and I’m not old enough to be forgetting things, I had forgotten what he looked like anyway. But as Laura reminded me while aboard the plane he offered to provide us a ride to our hotel as well as for him and his wife to be our tour guides for a day.  One prerequisite was that he needed a consultation with his wife. What is it with us men? Can we ever make a decision on our own? Please do not let me digress.

Laura and he finally spotted each other.  Judging from his conclusion, his wife sounds as though she may be a bit more cynical than I. Apparently, she thought we may be the ones setting them up for a rolling. He bade us a “boa viagem”, the only Portuguese I remember and I’m not even certain I spelled it correctly.   Anyway, the French equivalent is “bon voyage”.  I think the Italian is “buon viaggio”.  The Catalan is “bon viatge”. The Spanish is “buen viaje”.    Now please don’t hold me to any of these, I think that is how they are spelled and what they actually mean.  My point being that we should not allow the different languages to get in the way of a pleasurable experience.  Frustration can get in the way of fun, but turning it into an adventure in learning keeps the obstruction out.

Before I get back to the story, if you picked up Catalan and questioned it, then this fun fact will interest you. Barcelona is in the Catalan province of Spain. There,  a personalized version of Spanish is spoken. Notice the same words above are different. I think that is very interesting. I’ll share more of that in some entertaining stories later.

Ok, so back to the story.  Where was I? Oh, the cab, that’s it the cab ride, the cabby who almost took us for a ride.  He pulled the old “no speak English” ploy. I’m sorry I have to stop here for now, please forgive me. I promise I’ll  finish this story and it will be helpful information to take on your next adventure.

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