Romania; Transylvania, Dracula and Pig Parts

Pig Parts
Pig Parts

Well, we might as well have killed the pig right there on the table, everything pig except for the testicles. Why they were left out, I know not. Maybe the Dracula thing played a role in the bloody meal.  I don’t know.


Our friend Maria gave us the real Romanian dish in Brasov. I again learned what I didn’t know I didn’t know and how I was so programmed by what I did know.


Drac's Crib (Bran Castle)
Drac’s Crib (Bran Castle)

We visited Dracula’s castle, not really, you’ll find out why, wrapped in garlic holding a cross in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. Not really, but it makes for a good introduction, right?


We end with some tips on some street food in Bucharest.

You must hurry before they go on the Euro. Once they do, traveling

Old Town Bucharest
Old Town Bucharest

there will be more expensive.

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