Podcast: Spain: The Perfect Trip in Retrospect

Flamenco Photo Shoot

SStories Faces Places Logoito there we were, circling the Madrid airport for the fourth time, as we followed the instructions of our GPS leader, Juan. We’re in Spain, Juan fits.  If circling the airport four times is the worst thing that happens, well then, we are in great shape.

Ah Madrid, the starting point of our journey through Spain.   We structured this as a simple fourteen day trip with a rental car.  A plan so simple a monkey could do it. Enough debating, yes, I’m the monkey.  Laura obviously did the planning.

Join us in this podcast as we fumble our way through near disasters, almost getting the car stuck between two buildings, eerily resembling the movie European Vacation.  We are not the Griswalds, it just happened, one event after the next without avoidance.  We reeked of Griswald.  Embarrassing, yes, but we refused to let it deter us.

Troubadours Having Fun

This podcast is a story of a string of miss-queues told in reverse, changing possible disaster into the perfect trip.