Podcast: Madrid, Spain: An Abdication Party and an Under $20 Tapas Crawl

Stories Faces Places LogoJoin us for a fun tapas crawl, not literally, but a figurative crawl. We actually walked all the way.  The people meeting, eating (none were harmed), and drinking all amounted to under $20 per person, full belly included.  We’ve all heard the cliché, “You can’t screw up a free lunch.”  Listen in and you’ll see just how gracefully Al accomplished it. That’s right, the free ham slider turned into potato chips, nice job. How’s your Spanish?

In addition, we share our experience with the abdication mob.  In clarification, we did not share our tapas crawl experience with the abdication mob. We unexpectedly found ourselves, not figuratively, but literally found ourselves in the middle of the abdication crowd. A mob it was not.

We finish off  this edition of Stories Faces Places with a few interesting places and things to do and see on a visit to Madrid.

The following Links and Pictures add to your enjoyment of our podcast.

 Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor


Three Eat and Drink Places when visiting Madrid

Three Leisure Time to-do’s in Madrid

Hats on Gran Via

Local Hangout




The podcast explains what we mean by hats on Gran Via.





Segovia Castle
Segovia Castle



Ice Cream Strolling and a Revolution

What’s Your Schtick

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