Off-Grid in Portugal

If you ever find yourself in Lisbon, by chance. Well, nothing really ever happens in this world by chance, does it?  Anyway, good questions to ask and ponder as you travel the world. A great day trip out of Lisbon is a short train ride, maybe thirty or so minutes to Cascais, Portugal. It is about 19 miles west of Lisbon on the Atlantic. There is a quaint “Old Town” section to  shop and stroll through town. Cascais  was the site of the 2011 America’s Cup World Series. It is also home to about 35,000 people, and numerous other sailing events.

Grab a cab when you are ready to move on to one of the neatest rides going.  Ask the driver to take you to Bar do Guincho, and ask him to take you along the coast. The ride is magnificent as you view small cliffs plunging into the Atlantic. You wind around turns and vistas that just relax and offer feelings of the magnificence of this world.  It’s about a twenty-minute ride, but well worth the journey. If you are budget oriented, ask the fare going in. But don’t let that kill this experience for you.

At the end of the trip, the driver will turn down this dirt road. You’ll wonder what is going on? You may even think that you’ve made the wrong decision as he will let you out in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. The driver will then point you in a direction. Start walking, do not worry about the translation.  Walk down a dirt path. You’ll question the trip again. But then, you will come out, after only a few feet, to Bar do Guincho, ahh!!bguincho1_gr

The Burgers are great. The view is awesome, and the experience is priceless.  Have a beer or two and a burger, or whatever your palate craves. When you are ready to move on, which will be a while because this place is very cool and enjoyable, walk out to the beach, turn left and walk straight along the beach to the hotel you see. It’s not a long walk, but very enjoyable.  You will be walking from one end of this cove like beach to the other, right along the Atlantic. When you get to that hotel, you can call a cab to take you back to Cascais.

As a final note, if it is raining forget it. If it is sunny, then take this blunt hint as the fun it was meant to be. The title of this article is “OFF-GRID”. That means off grid. You are getting in with the locals. That means getting into their world. That means their world not yours. That means they do not have to speak English. That means they don’t. That means have patience and fun trying to communicate. Enjoy the experience, they will help you as much as possible. You help them too. That means do not get intimidated when others are waiting behind you. Just keep doing your best. That means keep the ordering simple, it’s the experience you are after. That means they can not translate everything on the menu for you. That means go for a new experience and enjoy. So what does this all mean? If you are looking for a safe, great way to really experience something different and awesomely rewarding, do it.

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