Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Beautiful City, Pleasant People, and Priced Right

You’ll have to pardon my scratchy voice in this episode of Stories Faces Places. Something tagged me, and horsed me up. That said, KL is one amazing city, clean, modern, and very affordable, once you get there. You’ll get what I’m saying when you listen in.

We share how Laura became known, almost gaining celebrity status, right. I’m being facetious. Whenever we walked through the lobby of our hotel, she received many hello’s from the various people of the grand hotel, The Royal Chulan, an awesome Malaysian Hotel.  I am not certain how she does it, as all I see are incidents of Laura stepping on the end of a Malaysian woman’s long flowing gown nearly ripping it off the poor woman in the middle of the lobby.

We visit, as Laura says, an authentic street of food.

We get screwed in a negotiation for a pair of knock-off sun glasses, and still became friends with the sales rep. He’s that good. We still want to visit with him. He’s that good.

We talk about the safety and what Malaysia is doing to combat terrorism.

All this and a few other tidbits are heard on this episode of Stories Faces Places.