Just Chill

As he sat there at the bar, enjoying his favorite drink in the afternoon, a Golden Margarita, Retired Command Sargent Major Robert Sloanes remembered those assignments acting the part of an ultra wealthy man.  The times he worked for the Bureau. The times he spent in counterespionage.  Then his time in the private sector, jetting around the world on the private planes of billionaires, he became well-known for his honesty and hard work. It was a job that made him millions but almost killed him in the process.

Riverwalk, located in Tin City, in the City of Naples, Florida was one of his favorite spots to hang out in an afternoon.  It was his respite. Situated along the river at Naples Bay, amongst all the yachts of the massively wealthy City, it is a rustic atmosphere, relaxing and tropical.Riverwalk

Sal, on certain afternoons, is the entertainment, a guitar player and singer. He wore his hair in a ponytail half way down his back. At age Sixty, Old Sal looked good and could entertain the crowd. Interaction was his key. Sal, was a social guy and liked mixing it up with the patrons.

The Major appreciated Sal’s liveliness and would send him a scotch about every third or fourth song.  The more Sal drank the better he got at interacting with the clientele, the more that happened, the more Sal made in tips.

The energy at the Riverwalk is infectious if you want it to be; or it could be completely island relaxing if that is your goal. The dress is casual. The major preferred his cargo shorts complemented with an expensive grey t-shirt. The same cargo shorts but with a Hawaiian shirt is Sal’s favorite attire. It just fits with the theme of the place.

A visit to the Riverwalk fills the Major’s need for social interaction. It is a place to share tales of past experiences for him. But it is also a place of solace relaxation and a complete battery recharge, situated in one of the best locations, on the river in Naples, Florida.

Say hello to Sal when you go.