How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets, Scammers, and Scoundrals

Al's contribution to gluttony
A Contribution to Gluttony

Brussels, Belgium, Brussels, Belgium, yes, I repeated myself. I’m thinking. Brussels, Belgium is the capital of Europe and the setting for many spy films.  Well, on second thought, maybe not. I can’t think of one spy thriller actually filmed here.  But hey, the spy thing works well as an opening for this podcast.

Once upon a time, another great opening, what started out as an innocent evening of a contribution to gluttony, turned into a spy thriller, not really. It was more like that seventies cop show quote,  Book’m Dano.   So we dubbed it the day Laura became the self-appointed Chief Pickpocket Inspector of the Sûreté de l’État.  Yes, we joined the ranks of Barney Fife and Inspector Clouseau. Excuse me, Chief Inspector Clouseau.

Once you get past Al’s wish to simply make it through the evening alive, you may glean some insights about preventing future pickpockets,  scammers, or scoundrels from making a catastrophe out of your next holiday.  That story, and a few other scams we’ve encountered are on this episode of Stories Faces Places.