How To Interupt Any Conversation

So there I was engaged in a very heavy, spiritual, real life, impromptu discussion (that is something I do, I speak with everyone and anyone, I like to learn) with an engaging, highly intelligent, and very respectable Catholic Bishop, when suddenly without notice,  two old ladies, roughly 70 years of age, barge in and rudely interrupt our conversation. It was as if the two were intoxicated, and had just fallen out of the bar.  But at 8:45 am, I had to think that this was their usual behavior and not necessarily drug induced. Can you smell my sarcasm?

They were loud, boisterous, and obnoxious all rolled up into one. The Bishop and I, for a split second, stared at each other in amazement at this outrageous activity.  What could warrant such a disturbance? What could warrant such a premeditated interruption? Surely, there must be a death or near death experience in progress. No? Then what could be so vitally important to disrupt and cut short anyone’s conversation?

Enter, stage right, Old Lady One, I’ll call her the “Blocker”, named appropriately, and in much the same way a football running back uses the assistance of a 6 foot 5, 320 pound blocker to move up the field.  But here, size didn’t matter as this 5 foot 4, 110 pound blocker was very calculated in her ability to cause enough commotion to disrupt any conversation for her running back,  Old Lady Two.

The play looked like this. The blocker throws a block to interrupt the conversation, in this case it was a lame excuse. She wanted to show the Bishop how to turn the lights out.  Lame excuse fulfilled, and block delivered precisely.  Apparently, leaving the Bishop a note wouldn’t  do. Oh, but that’s right, the conversation wouldn’t have been interrupted  as planned had a note been left. The goal, to interrupt the conversation, would not have been completed successfully, so no note made sense.

Once our conversation was broken, it left the field open for the running back. Enter stage left, Old Lady Two. Notice their flanking of us. Not wanting to wait any longer for our conversation to end, Old Lady Two simply wanted to tell the Bishop all about her recent trip to Rome.  What? No death experience! How disappointing.

Now, thinking that they had been covert in their play, complete transparency was actually the reality as the two did not interrupt with an “excuse us”.  Nor did they fall all over themselves by apologizing for their actions.   So, the only conclusion that could be drawn was that they were just very self-absorbed, and unaware people. They wanted to speak to the religious advisor that instant, and interrupting our conversation never crossed their minds. After-all, when self-absorption in running rampant, how in any name can one ever think of others?

So what where they thinking?  Could they think  they were entitled to interrupt the conversation?  After-all, they had every right, didn’t they?  I mean, being retired and in their  70’s, they earned it. Didn’t they? My sarcasm is reeking. Don’t get any on you. Let me try this approach.

Well maybe they had become forgetful? Maybe they forgot their manners? I don’t believe the latter two for one minute. When a lack self-exploration exists, one can only see that they themselves are the center of the universe, and no one else matters. I remember my mother telling me to sit still and wait my turn, maybe they are just too old to remember those lessons. Ha.