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We’ve identified the people who most likely listen to our podcast. We divided our listeners  into three categories.

Travel Professionals: These are all the people involved in the travel industry who are responsible for selling services to the public, or those interested in traveling now or in the near future. For them we have offered our business acumen and knowledge in how our podcasts can help in generating more clients, and closing more transactions with those clients. Go to this page link For Travel Agents to learn more specifics.

Travelers: These are all people going on a trip, contemplating a trip, or wondering where to go next. This group is seeking information on all questions about travel. This group seeks a great value and wants to know how to do things differently. For this group, follow this link  for more complimentary information.

Escapees: These are the people who are seeking an escape from reality.  They are looking for something fun and entertaining. Something that will make them laugh and something that will give them a break from using their brain. For this group, go to this page.

Here’s what others are saying

Old Town Bucharest
Old Town Bucharest

Sharon wrote:

“Just found you guys on podcasts, can’t wait to hear more. My boyfriend and I ate at one of the restaurants we heard you mention in your Bucharest podcast, thanks!”

Carolyn from Chicago:

“Listening to your podcasts makes me want to travel with you.”

Mark from Bucharest:

“Your podcast about the Irish pub in Bucharest made me laugh. The information you provided about the city was spot on.”

DSC01106Enez from Vienna:

“I loved meeting you guys at the festival and drinking some wine. It was fun.”

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