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A New Twist to an Old Sales Secret

If you are a travel agent, whose living depends upon sales, you might be interested in reading the following. It may offer ideas to ethically and morally boost closings.

Laura and I want to introduce our audio travel podcast to you. It’s a fun audio show. We think it will help you in gaining more clients, selling more trips, and putting more money in your pocket. It’s complimentary.  How?

First we will share a secret about how it can garner you more, and then  we will share why complimentary. No strings attached, seriously.

The secret that we mentioned is really not much of a secret. It’s been around as long as selling has been around. Don’t sell the item, sell the sizzle, that’s the secret. Many people forget this forgotten secret.  We have a twist for you.

So to keep things short for this page, selling the fun of travel is what you need to stress to put more on your side of the ledger.  We are offering you a great tool, complimentary!

We know how hard you work to get a client. We understand how hard you work to support that client.  A lost client means lost revenue, and lost revenue means you can’t live the life you want. You are trying  hard to please the client and make a living or more for your family and your self.   As long as we keep trying we are successful.  A small calculated step can cause great things to happen.

How does this benefit you, a travel agent?

On this page, we have provided you two links to audio podcasts that we’ve produced from our own world travels. We believe they are inspirational and motivational stories.

Our intentions are to communicate the feelings of fun and inspiration. We want people to know that traveling is a rewarding personal growth experience. Gaining knowledge of other cultures, sharing different traditions is eye-opening and provides the traveler with a whole new outlook on life.  In essence, our podcasts are selling the sizzle for you. The key word is feelings. We like to evoke feelings of happiness, and inspiration.

Get this, we have many people approach us, saying that they want to travel with us because of these very reasons, they feel the fun.

The podcasts are easy to listen to, fun, inspirational and motivational. The audio’s offer all kinds of information in a very different way. The beauty of audio podcasts is that they are listened to anytime and anyplace, convenience to all. Listen to them in the car, on the plane, on the beach, on the way to and from work, literally anywhere, and anytime.

Here’s our suggestion to help you, the travel agent.

First listen to both podcasts that we have linked below. Then decide based upon the personal preferences of you and your clients as to which podcast is best suited for you and your clients.

Second, post the link or links of the audio podcast to any of your emails that you feel is right. You can also embed the links on  your website. My point is to pass them around to all your clients and potential clients. It does work. We’ve seen it in the emails we receive. Numerous people let us know how helpful the information is for them.

Third, your results can really soar by attaching a little note with each podcast link you send. We have found something like the following as effective examples:

“Dear Client,

Here’s an example of a fun idea for your next trip. Hope it helps in the decision process.” Attach Tapas Crawl for Under Twenty Dollars with this note.

“Dear Client,

I picked up this podcast from a friend of ours.  The attached audio podcast will help give you ideas for your next trip.   Listen to it anywhere. I want you to have a no fail, fun, rewarding trip.” (Dubrovnik podcast might work with this note).

Here are the two links:

Stories Faces Places is a travel podcast and blog that recently got picked by Spreaker, an entity close to I Heart Radio, as one of the top three travel podcasts on Spreaker and our Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones Show was their favorite. Here is the link:

For those looking for something a little different , our Madrid, Spain, How to do a Tapas Crawl for Under $20 is a very informative and entertaining show.  As a note, a national television network expressed some interest with this show in taking us to air. Here is the link:


Here’s a little more about Al:

He’s published many articles, sixty to date. Three examples are:

Create Your Own Boom, published in Small Business Opportunities.

Get Rich Quick? Get Real! Personal Excellence, a magazine for executives.

Profitable Life, Start Your Quest Today, published in Personal Excellence.

If you’d like a complimentary copy of any of these three, just email us and we’ll send you a PDF.

In conclusion, I urge you to try this.  Let us know what you think. Let us know what we can do better. Email us at: We would love to hear from you. We believe there is no such thing as a bad comment.

We end each podcast show with the following words, and I will leave you with them here:

“We are all just pilgrims on a journey through life.” 

Sincerely, Good Luck, and Take Action,

Al and Laura

Old Town Bucharest
Old Town Bucharest

Co-host: Stories Faces Places

Please let us know your thoughts and Ideas.



Be inspired and motivated.