For the Traveler, Fun Ideas

Looking for More Fun Ideas on Your Next Trip?

If you are a traveler looking for ideas or needing a push to decide on that next trip, the following may interest you.

Laura and I wanted to introduce our audio travel podcast to you. It’s a fun, inspirational and motivational audio show. We think it will help in your travel experiences. It provides ideas on how to make every trip a great one. We want to express that sharing other traditions and cultural differences is eye-opening, as well as a rewarding personal growth experience.

The things we deliver:

  • How to save a buck or twelve
  • Off the beaten path places to go
  • How to survive a foreign restaurant in which no one speaks English
  • What’s the etiquette when it comes to interacting with local people
  • How to supercharge your vacation for the most memorable event ever
  • Ideas to accelerate your fun meter without breaking the bank
  • How to not let mishaps get you down
  • How to have fun on a rainy day
  • And more, and more, and more,  all packed into our audio podcasts available below.

Get this, many people contact us, saying that they want to travel with us because of these very things listened to in our shows.  They feel the fun; and they see it’s not going to break the bank.

 We Love the convenience a podcast provides, listen anywhere, anytime

 The podcasts, links provided here, are easy and fun. The audio podcast offers all kinds of information in a very different way. The beauty of audio podcasts is that they can be listened to anytime and anyplace, convenience to all. Listen to them in the car, on the plane, on the beach, on the way to and from work, literally anywhere, and anytime.

Here are the two links to get you started. 

DSC01296Stories Faces Places is a travel podcast and blog that recently got picked by Spreaker, an entity close to I Heart Radio, as one of the top three travel podcasts on Spreaker and our Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones Show was their favorite. Here is the link:

For those looking for something  geared more towards savings, our Madrid, Spain, How to do a Tapas Crawl for Under $20 is a very informative and entertaining show. As a note, a national television network expressed some interest with this show in taking us to air. Here is the link:

Our podcasts are on I Tunes, Spreaker, our website, and other Podcast networks. Our audience is constantly growing as our show is fun, informative, fast paced, and entertaining. We like to inspire, and motivate others to grab life and go.

Travel has certainly taught us a ton about others and ourselves. One major lesson we take and continue to learn is to love others and ourselves as we all truly are…

“..just pilgrims on a journey through life.”

We end each show with those words, and we’ll leave you here with them.

 Come along,  join the fun and our mission to connect the world one person at a time, inspiring others and motivating all to reach out and love thy neighbor.


Al and Laura

us- cruise shot 2

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Be inspired and motivated.