For The Escapee

Looking for ways to escape the rat race?

If you are an Escapee, the following will interest  you.

Laura and I want to introduce our audio podcast to you.  It’s a fun, really fun audio show. It is a great rest to rejuvenate before getting back to the grind.

You’ll Gain:

  • Some zone out time
  • Shut down and relaxation, ahh
  • A great “brain-dead” session
  • A vicarious life through someone else

Get It?  It’s an escape to just laugh things off, and get re-energized before getting back into the ring.

Get this. Numerous people contact us, saying that they want to travel with us because of the very fun we record in our shows. They feel the fun. They laugh a ton, because many times we are serious, but dopey things sometimes happen.

One woman e-mailed us stating that she was listening to us in the car and thought she had her two best friends in the back seat telling her their latest travel stories.

Don’t get us wrong, there is a ton of travel information packed into each episode.  Travel has certainly taught us so much about others and ourselves. One major lesson we’ve learned and continue to learn is to love others and ourselves as we all truly are…

“..just pilgrims on a journey through life.” 

Those words sum up our mission to connect the world one person at a time.  We hope to  inspire and motivate others to grab the life they want to live and to love everyone for who they are.


In Jail in Budapest
In Jail in Budapest

So, we are not just two dopes, even though we sometimes seem that way.

Believe it or not, our mission is to connect the world one person at a time, inspiring and motivating others to grab life.

Our obligation is to share our learning with anyone who wishes. It’s up to you whether you do anything about it or not.  We know you can. We believe in you because YOU MATTER. 


It is with hope that you love our podcast format, why? 

  • You can listen anywhere, anytime.  We are  not suggesting you listen during a boring staff meeting, wink.  The podcast links provided here, are easy and fun. The audio shows offer all kinds of information in a very different way. The beauty of audio podcasts is that they can be listened to anytime and anyplace, convenience to all. Listen to them in the car, on the plane, on the beach, on the way to and from work, literally anywhere, and anytime.

Here are the two links to get you started. 

Stories Faces Places is a travel podcast and blog that recently got picked by Spreaker, an entity close to I Heart Radio, as one of the top three travel podcasts on Spreaker and our Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones Show was their favorite. Here is the link:

For those looking for something a little geared towards savings, our Madrid, Spain, How to do a Tapas Crawl for Under $20 is a very informative and entertaining show. As a note, a national television network expressed some interest with this show in taking us to air. Here is the link for you.

Enjoy each and any podcast you’d like. 

 Happy Escaping, and remember, “We are all just Pilgrims on a Journey Through Life.”

Our Best To You Always,

Al and Laura

Old Town Bucharest
Old Town Bucharest


Co-host: Stories Faces Places

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Be inspired and motivated.