Food Trucks, Really?

When I first heard the idea of food trucks, I figured this cannot be good.  When it was suggested that we visit a food truck rally for dinner, I thought this is only going to confirm what I think I know.  Not having any real understanding of what to expect, off we went.

The trucks were gathered in a circle much like the old west days of a wagon train. A band played in the center. It reminded me of a portable food court, with all the standards. But look, if I’m doing the food truck thing for a different experience, I’m not bailing out to safety and eating something innocuous. No I’m venturing off grid.

How about Chinese tacos for starters? Chaco’s Tacos, awesome. Nice, fresh corn tortillas all handmade right there to order. Tfish truck miamihink tacos with a Chinese twist. The only better tacos I have had are from a food truck in Austin. Yes I had reluctantly been introduced to food trucks in Austin.   But I am in Miami and it is a bit more chic. Not the food truck environs I would think. So Chaco’s Tacos is it. Off we go.

The next truck in the circle is Captain Kevin’s Seven Seas Sausage Company.  That’s right, a fish sausage. I was quite skeptical about it. But when I reluctantly tried it, I couldn’t help but to be proved wrong. The spices were pleasing, the mango mustard sauce was even better. Then Captain Kevin himself serving them up, he is a lively personality. He has a face book page at Seven Seas Sausage Company. I think he may even send orders.


Hippops miami As Kevin and I spoke, Anthony Fellows, Chief Pop Officer of Hip Pop handcrafted gelato bars came over offering us his personality, which was as dynamic as the Captain’s. Upon arrival at Hip Pops truck we viewed a multitude of flavored gelato bars on sticks, again handmade.  

 We asked him to surprise us with something different, and he delivered. “How about a Mexican Chocolate Chipotle Gelato Bar?” he asked, handing us the bar. Hand dipped in dark Belgian chocolate, “nice touch”, I offered.  The flavors where blended together like a fine wine with the right dish. Then to savor the palette a hint of a tingle, making my taste buds dance with delight. 

I’m talking about gelato bars like a fancy meal. But I was blown away, and rightfully so.  According to The Daily Meal, Hip Pops is listed as the number eight desert truck in the country. That’s eight out of two hundred forty. 

I’m told they are preparing to franchise soon. But for now you can catch up with the original Hip Pops, shake hands with the Chief Pop Officer when traveling in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties, Florida.  They will be spreading their sumptuous bars monthly in Miami at the Magic City Casino Food Truck Meet-up, weekly at  the Arts Park in Hollywood, Tuesday in Plantation Heritage Park and many other places. But do not take my word for it go to and get the schedule yourself. Check it out, the kids will love it .

 Our time is done here for now, and we are  full from our spoils. “How about a walk along the beach?” I asked.  “Sounds great,” Laura responds, hesitating, “do we need another taste, before we go?”