Chiang Mai, Thailand: Eat with the Locals, Bath in Elephant Dung

Real Street Food
Real Street Food

After getting abused by a taxi driver as mentioned in our last Bangkok podcast, we were able to recover from the hit to our “schooling/education” budget.  We ate like locals with locals.

Elephant care is a must do when in Chiang Mai. Finding the right elephant rescue, a reserve which is helping to spread elephant education and awareness is key.  So, out of our street clothes and into Mahout outfits which are ratty old sack cloth pants and tops, one size fits all, not spandex, but one huge string for wrapping around your waist many times. If  you are thin, the outfit leaves you wanting a tailor and not even a good one.

Transportation for Peanuts
Transportation for Peanuts

Once changed into our not so new duds, we were ready to care and learn all about elephants, up close and personal, really personal, number two personal, for the elephant that is.

Those stories, zip lining in the jungle, being pushed and shoved in an over crowded street market, and more on Chiang Mai are in this episode of Stories Faces Places.


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