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Have you ever wanted to sit on the same bar stool as Johnny Depp, sleep in the same room as Elizabeth Taylor or look out over the balcony that inspired a classic novel, hit song or first famous kiss? The beauty of hotels is that so many hold secrets. Celebrities check-in under pseudonyms, concierge gets things done with winks and reception staff play Chinese whispers. Eventually word gets out.

Bedford Post Inn

Bedford Inn

Not content with merely spotting a celebrity? Why not sleep in their bed? We’re not suggesting you turn stalker merely that you stay in a celebrity-owned hotel, for example upstate New York’s Bedford Post Inn, owned by yogi and silver fox extraordinaire, Richard Gere.


The St Regis Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

St Regis

The Garden Island is absolutely overrun with A-listers because of its distance from the Waikiki Beach tourists. Pierce Brosnan lives there, Michael Crichton goes running with the locals, Ben Stiller owns a holiday house above Kalihiwai Bay and Katy Perry can be spotted splashing around.


Central Hotel, Paris, France

Central Hotel Paris

The birthplace of one of the most scandalous romances of the 20th Century, the Central Hotel in Paris is where French author Anais Nin and American writer Henry Miller began their affair.

Miller was living in Room 40 and ghost writing.


Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, USA

Chateau Marmont

No list of celebrity hangouts would be complete without mentioning Chateau Marmont, modeled on a royal residence in the Loire Valley, France.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, had a heart attack here, John Belushi died here.


Hotel Majestic, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotel Majestic

American writer Graham Greene stayed in this French colonial treasure while he penned The Quiet American, one of the seminal novels about the failure of the west to curtail the Vietnam War. In contrast to the novel’s central character, Tom Fowler, played by Michael Caine.