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Chicago: Travel Ideas, Food, Oysters, and more.

dsc01957Well, we stopped in Chicago again for a quick two days. Why? No particular reason other than we like the city. So we kicked off our fall tour in the Windy City. Our first stop was Shaw’s Crab House again, of course.

“I hate the slimy little things,” said Laura.

As for me, well, I was not into oysters dsc01962either, but the Shaw’s folks made believers out of us.


Join us on this episode for those stories and Laura’s  soap box  stand.





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Chicago: How to do a “Progressive Lunch” for Under $27 for Two

What is it about Chicago and food?

I was on the airplane in flight to Chicago when the fine gentleman sitting next to me asked if my final destination was Chicago.

IMG_2170 (1)“Yes” I responded.

He sat in the middle seat. He was a small man with the kind of body structure you wanted in the middle seat, small.

“Are you from Chicago?” I asked.

He responded affirmatively.  He was a kind-of proper gentleman, certainly not any one from the rough parts of town.

“Well,” he said, “I take it you’ll be eating while in Chicago?”

“Oh yes,” I said breaking into a medley of the many eating establishments in Chicago.  He jumped in confirming some and adding to the list with others.


With so many restaurants and so few days, it’s almost impossible to hit so many places. But wait, in this podcast we’ll give you a great idea to make it to many more eating establishments than you can imagine in one day!


DSC01892We call it our version of our Madrid, Spain Tapas Crawl, Chicago style.

For starters, not as in appetizers, we present a partial listing of the food places, err, restaurants included in this podcast:

Ms. T’s, Pies-N-Cones, Big & Little’s, The Weiner’s Circle, Bahn Mi & Co., Shaw’s Crab House, Smoke Daddy, Emperor’s Choice, El Hefe, Big Star Taco, Umami Burger, Antique Taco, Las Mananitas

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