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Traveling to foreign lands, meeting people of different cultures, and sharing their traditions is inspiring, humbling, and can be a route to finding happiness.

Motivational Travel Thoughts

dsc02310In this episode, we answer some of the emails we receive. As we claim to learn a lot about ourselves in the opening and closing of each of our podcasts, many of our listeners want to know what we learn from our travels. We share a little of ourselves and the things we learn, likeĀ listening to others, accepting others beliefs and not trying to make others believe the same as we believe. We also share a story of how we learnĀ gratefulness. So join us and share your own thoughts with us!


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Happiness is…A Rainy Day or Six

To some happiness is a feeling of joy and of peace.  To others happiness is a fun time spent with friends or strangers, and still to others happiness is a moment of accomplishment. However each of us decide to define happiness, to me it is something that usually comes from unexpected happenings. When you least expect it is when you find it, fleeting or not.

In a recent rainy day, let me correct myself, a recent rainy bunch of days strung together, we found fun, and happiness through the gloom of being stuck in a hotel room in a foreign country.  Sometimes it is what you make of it. It’s your attitude.

The most interesting thing about those rainy days in Dubrovnik, Croatia is the fact that our Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones  podcast became a top three travel podcast by Spreaker and their favorite one of all of our other podcasts.

So even though we felt doom and gloom from all the rain, unexpectedly we found happiness that we projected into our podcast, and received a completely unexpected recognition.

Happiness comes from the most unexpected places and directions. Sometimes it’s just a matter of going with what you have and not thinking about that which we do not.