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Motivational Travel Thoughts

dsc02310In this episode, we answer some of the emails we receive. As we claim to learn a lot about ourselves in the opening and closing of each of our podcasts, many of our listeners want to know what we learn from our travels. We share a little of ourselves and the things we learn, like listening to others, accepting others beliefs and not trying to make others believe the same as we believe. We also share a story of how we learn gratefulness. So join us and share your own thoughts with us!


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Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Experience

San Antonio
San Antonio

The bloody Civil War of the Republic de Guatemala ended in 1996. Twenty years later, today,  the country continues to grow and prosper. The effort to rid the remnants of war,  hangover warriors  and other ego’s that still reach for power, is helping bring back the peace and beauty that this country has to offer.


Oh, we felt safe, with some caution. The heavily armed security guards, and I do mean heavily armed, are posted at most restaurants and establishments. A pistol on the hip and a massive shotgun in the hands, ready to blow anyone’s head off should there be a threat is to some, un-nerving, to me, it is reassuring. He didn’t shoot me. I took it as a sign that he was on my side.

Santa Catarina
Santa Catarina


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is the most beautiful lake in the world, as many have said. Guatemala City is a big city worth visiting. The local people of this country will make you fall in love and want to return. The country is fighting for pure goodness. Join us on this episode of Stories Faces Places.


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Antigua, Guatemala: Your Heart Will Want to Stay

Antigua in the shadow of the Volcano
Antigua in the shadow of the Volcano

It’s rare, but once in that very unique moment, the one you least expected anything, a story, place, and a face reach up and unexpectedly take hold of your heart. It’s an act completely selfless. You feel it. You recognize it. You let it happen because something else is in control, but yet it feels so good to feel something towards another human being. There’s no anger, no sympathy, no other negative feelings to get in the way of this so good feeling. I can only attribute it to what a genuine love might feel like. I felt in complete acceptance of who I was. I felt no judgements. Most importantly, it was me that was feeling it from them. Who are them? The Guatemalan people.

Antigua Market
Antigua Market

The children will take your heart away. I’m not certain how it’s done, but it’s done. I can only guess that Mom and Dad had something to do with it. From our experiences in this beautiful town of Antigua, Guatemala, I can honestly say what I write here is from my heart as inspired and awakened by our visit to this town.

Join us on this episode of Stories Faces Places, Antigua, Guatemala as we introduce you to the wonderful people of this region of the world.

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Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

dsc02140When you think Costa Rica, one thinks volcanos, rain forests, beaches, and jungles. We get into those areas in this Costa Rica Podcast.

If you’re seeking a place in the jungle and don’t like to get your hair wet, if you know what I’m saying, we grabbed a five-star, worthy of praises. It’s a great family resort set in the jungle.

dsc02155Listen in for those stories and more on this episode of Stories Faces Places. We’ve split Costa Rica into two episodes. This one is Arenal. The previous one is  the city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Click here to go to that one.

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Cinque Terre, Italy: Hiking, Medusae, and More Laundry


“Keep climbing,” Laura said, looking back at my nearly dead and 100_0764dehydrated walking corpse. “Look at this great view.”

When I finally reached the peak, the look down onto Vernazza was one of the most amazing views I had ever seen, making the hike worth every breath, every droplet of sweat, and every near heart attack.

Reaching the small Italian fishing village, we donned our bathing suits in much the same way most of the residents do, right there on the rocks along with others. We jumped into the chilly Mediterranean Sea.

“Yikes,” screamed Laura, “somethings got me!”   We hastily scrambled up the sharp rocks out of the water. The locals told us to pee on it. It was quite a learning experience.

100_0805Listen to our fun adventures in the Cinque Terre, and the usual travel tips sprinkled throughout the show.

Find out about the recent changes being made that will affect your travel to that area.

We’ll explain what I needed to pee on, too.

All that and more are on this episode of Stories Faces Places.


Bologna, Italy: Wine, Food and Laundry

DSCN4395“Hey Al,” said Laura, “are those your boxers hanging in the courtyard?”
To my surprise, the answer to her question was in the affirmative. But before I go there,  allow me to digress and start from the beginning of our memorable experiences from our Bologna, Italy trip.

Bologna dates back at least 1,000 years. I said I would start at the beginning.  The University of Bologna is the oldest in the world, dating back to 1088. How interesting is that fun fact? To put it in perspective, our whole country, the U.S. is only 250 years old. We’re talking historical here in Bologna. There are more fun facts sprinkled throughout this podcast.DSCN4374

Our hotel was a unique and cozy family owned place called Hotel Porta San Mamolo.

“Would you guys join me for some wine in the kitchen later tonight?” asked Roberto the general manager and owner of this establishment, Mamolo.  “Of course,” we responded in stereo.

That wine meeting led us to his family’s vineyard and to a local restaurant that in my opinion is the only place needed to satisfy the palate while in Bologna.DSCN4439

So take a listen to this episode as we reminisce about our trip to Bologna, Italy and the Vineyard that became a resort.

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Chicago: How to do a “Progressive Lunch” for Under $27 for Two

What is it about Chicago and food?

I was on the airplane in flight to Chicago when the fine gentleman sitting next to me asked if my final destination was Chicago.

IMG_2170 (1)“Yes” I responded.

He sat in the middle seat. He was a small man with the kind of body structure you wanted in the middle seat, small.

“Are you from Chicago?” I asked.

He responded affirmatively.  He was a kind-of proper gentleman, certainly not any one from the rough parts of town.

“Well,” he said, “I take it you’ll be eating while in Chicago?”

“Oh yes,” I said breaking into a medley of the many eating establishments in Chicago.  He jumped in confirming some and adding to the list with others.


With so many restaurants and so few days, it’s almost impossible to hit so many places. But wait, in this podcast we’ll give you a great idea to make it to many more eating establishments than you can imagine in one day!


DSC01892We call it our version of our Madrid, Spain Tapas Crawl, Chicago style.

For starters, not as in appetizers, we present a partial listing of the food places, err, restaurants included in this podcast:

Ms. T’s, Pies-N-Cones, Big & Little’s, The Weiner’s Circle, Bahn Mi & Co., Shaw’s Crab House, Smoke Daddy, Emperor’s Choice, El Hefe, Big Star Taco, Umami Burger, Antique Taco, Las Mananitas

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Share your own version of a progressive lunch or dinner.