But the Fado is Free 3

The performance of the cook was great too.  But wait, re-enter the Fat Lady.  Ah, fable back in place.  The Fat Lady must always end the show.  Another fun entertaining song was shared.  Lots of applause rang out.  Well, l guess it’s all relative in a room of only twenty.  The waiter passed out the bills.  The nice French couple beside us confirmed the price of the perceived free stuff.  It was very un-free.

The Fat Lady was commissioned with collecting the checks.  The reason was quite clear.  A music CD was tossed on the table in front of all patrons.  The CD featured, who else but the Fat Lady, on the cover.  Fifteen Euros were instantly added to each patron’s bill as the Fat Lady, without hesitation, peeled off the plastic wrapper and autographed each CD leaving you unable to say no, as we all suffered from the deer in headlights disease.  The contagious pleasurable feelings from the night’s activities engulfed the room, or maybe the alcohol had something to do with it.  As I perused the room, I noticed that no one seemed to be having a problem with the added charge, except for the nice French guy beside me.  He and I felt the same, hoodwinked.  However, our ladies were happy and wanting the CD as a souvenir and memory of such a fun time.  The pressure was huge.  The French man and I succumbed, joking, but “the Fado is free”.

I often wonder, how many of those CD’s have ever been played, ever.  Oh well, it was a fun experience that everyone should try, and remember the Fado is free.

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