Budapest, Hungary, Part Two, Taste Hungary

The Tasting Table
The Tasting Table

That’s Taste Hungary and not taste hungry. Join our continued adventures in Budapest, Hungary.

The next paragraph we’ve cut and pasted some of the description for Budapest, Hungary Part I. So what you might ask? Well, it describes part two adventures also, with that confusion, here we go:

“Well, it goes something like this: Begin with calmness and a set of expectations that you have developed based upon what you think you know. End with the knowledge of what you think you know is really only the camouflage to what you really don’t know you don’t know. Confusing? Stick with us, it becomes the un-confusing and very amusing story of our Budapest visit over Christmas.”

In Jail in Budapest
Who smiles in the clink?

That was what we said in Part I. In Part II, we meet with some  fun and genuine Hungarian people.

Gabor and Carolyn own their own business in Hungary called Taste Hungary and The Tasting Table. They offer food and wine tours in Hungary and Austria. In addition to providing great tours, they have one of the largest collections of  quality Tokaji Wine at their establishment called The Tasting Table.  You can visit anytime and taste many Hungarian Wines.

Rita Takaro, a friend and wine consultant in Hungary shares her knowledge and  history of Tokaji wines. Without Rita, we would never have met Carolyn and Gabor.

Ruin Pub
Ruin Pub

Later in the episode, we not so nearly break out of jail, and visit a ruin pub. It’s all fun and interesting information about Budapest, Hungary’s things to do, people to see, and places to go, all off the beaten trail.

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