Bologna, Italy: Wine, Food and Laundry

DSCN4395“Hey Al,” said Laura, “are those your boxers hanging in the courtyard?”
To my surprise, the answer to her question was in the affirmative. But before I go there,  allow me to digress and start from the beginning of our memorable experiences from our Bologna, Italy trip.

Bologna dates back at least 1,000 years. I said I would start at the beginning.  The University of Bologna is the oldest in the world, dating back to 1088. How interesting is that fun fact? To put it in perspective, our whole country, the U.S. is only 250 years old. We’re talking historical here in Bologna. There are more fun facts sprinkled throughout this podcast.DSCN4374

Our hotel was a unique and cozy family owned place called Hotel Porta San Mamolo.

“Would you guys join me for some wine in the kitchen later tonight?” asked Roberto the general manager and owner of this establishment, Mamolo.  “Of course,” we responded in stereo.

That wine meeting led us to his family’s vineyard and to a local restaurant that in my opinion is the only place needed to satisfy the palate while in Bologna.DSCN4439

So take a listen to this episode as we reminisce about our trip to Bologna, Italy and the Vineyard that became a resort.

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