Best Ice Cream Place in Madrid

From a self diagnosed ice cream-aholic, the best ice cream for the price per bola (Spanish for scoop) and quality is found here at the corner of; DSCN0839

A little Spanish can get you by at the ice cream shop, since they do not speak English.  Keep in mind, this is very little Spanish from someone who speaks no Spanish.  But somehow I can always speak ice cream, ha.  So here goes, “Bola” is a scoop. “Uno Bola” is one scoop. “Dos Bola” is two and for those of us who are admitted ice cream nuts, “tres” is three.  If all else fails and you sound like a southerner trying to sound like a Bostonian, well there are always fingers. Simply hold up the number and they’ll get it.

A bola is always used with the cone, which is usually, “cono”.  If you are getting a cup, “vasitos”, it is measured in liters.  I know it sounds confusing, and quite frankly it is very confusing.  So just remember the objective is to satisfy that craving for ice cream, and lots of it.  In my own words, I can have all the patience in the world and take just a bit more time to have that commodity, it is a commodity in my opinion, dripping down my chin.  As you finally work past the communication gap and that precious commodity is transferred from their hands to yours the words “muchas gracias” will come to mind.  Dig in and get it all over, I did.

There are numerous ice cream places of the same name, but the best quantity with quality goes to the Palazzo at this location !!DSCN0840