Bangkok, Thailand: Crazy and Wonderful

Electrical wires are like spaghetti

If one night in Bangkok makes a grown man crazy, what does three nights make him?

For me, crazy is the life I live within. Three nights in Bangkok took me into a new dimension of “nutso”, if that is even a word.

Laura, coming from the other side of “nutso”, you be the judge, seems to handle the mayhem that Bangkok provides with a more child-like approach, hands in the air as the roller coaster plunges from its highest peak.

Chopstick challenged
Chopstick challenged

This episode will offer you our overview of Bangkok, some interesting places to visit, and tips to avoid being taken for a suit fitting when all you wanted was an apple at the local market.

We also share how a cabby fleeced us, taking advantage of our vulnerability, and demoing our travel schooling/education budget. Listen in and we’ll share with you all we could do, which wasn’t a whole lot.

Street Market Scene
Street Market Scene

These stories and more fun are on this crazy ride through this amazing city where new and old seem to  co-exist.


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