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Our target reader, because of our home base located in one of the wealthiest cities, Naples, Florida, which garners visitors from all over the world, is sophisticated, active, well educated and well to do. Their home, typically a second home is worth over $300,000 and most possess a household income exceeding $175,000. They are strongly frugal and value oriented.

They get bored easily and need to move around a lot, as a result, they travel frequently, at least 3 times a year. Their travel includes European destinations. In addition, we experience numerous readers from Europe who we encounter in Naples, Florida in the winter months and in European cities in the summer months.

Our readers prefer eating out. They love new experiences and exploring different places outside but in proximity to large metropolitan centers for ease of air travel. Their time is well spent.

This demographic includes many professionals (CEOs, upper management, owners, general managers or directors, employed or retired). They usually have strong relationships with their local, state and federal leaders. They are active in their community. They like to spend their time enjoying life and all that it has to offer. Living, dinning, shopping, entertaining, and having fun characterize our demographic base.

We seek partnerships that reflect our values. . Reviews of travel activities, hotels, boutique usually, adventure, restaurants, classes, and interesting and unique places are produced in an engaging story so that readers stay entertained and interested, but more importantly end the article with the feeling of “How fun, I want to go there.” We promote the emotional experience in addition to the physical aesthetics.

Sponsorships can take many different formats. A continued placement (time sensitive) leaves your banner or text link at a specified position on the right column of the main page and post pages. A sponsored tour (Press tours are ok, but custom visits help our clientele more) provides for each article posted during the tour to be targeted as the sponsor directs. A video sponsored position can be available. Customized sponsorship created as a collaboration with sponsor can take many forms, examples include contests, branding ambassadors, corporate representation and presentation, collaborative tie-ins with other media outlets.

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