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Welcome to  Stories Faces Places. We are all about life and all its imperfections. By laughing often  and through both good and bad, we hope to inspire. After-all,  just listening to our mishaps  will  make you feel good about yourself.

Whenever either one of us feels embarrassed, we tell the other not to worry. I’ll make you feel good in a very short time, just wait for my next blunder.

We travel, laugh, podcast, write books, and share our experiences with the hope of enhancing someone’s life, just one person is all we need.

In our podcasts and soon books, we share our personal stories, laughing often while meeting many tremendous people around the globe.

It’s about learning to love ourselves for who we really are. Love is a funny word. Some think it’s weak. But the one who can love through all the good and all the bad is the stronger one.

Through our Audio Podcasts:

  • We share stories of our experiences around the globe. We don’t hold back.
  • We offer information to the traveler on those places we travel, giving you knowledge for your next journey and possibly a new look at an already visited place.
  • We laugh easily and often, as we share the world through our eyes.
  • We hope to inspire others to do the same.
  • We offer an outlet within the travel industry to promote travel.

The most interesting part of what we believe is that travel is a way to grow personally. We love sharing our experiences with the hope that they can help others grab the dreams they  want. We learn so much about ourselves, including loving all people for who we really are, just pilgrims on a journey through life.

As the pilot on our last flight said,  “Sit back and enjoy the flight.”

Dubrovnik, Croatia on the set of the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”

Listen here to our “Game of Thrones” podcast from Dubrovnik, Croatia. It received recognitions from internet sites as one of their favorites. Just tooting our own horn.

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Thank you so much for listening to our show.


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