About Stories Faces Places

1. We podcast about people and places, while making new friends along the way.


Visiting different places and meeting interesting people is therapeutic, spiritual.  A trip is whatever one makes it, top shelf or call brands depending upon your own budget. One can be a socialite, dancing all night long, or reclusive, basking in the sun on a hidden beach. If the mood is right, adventures in bull riding might be the fancy or learning the salsa is the fit. Whatever it is, the journey is yours.

2. Laughter all the way.

Our light-hearted sense of humor abounds in each podcast episode. We  somehow find absurdity in ourselves.  The things that happen to us along the way are not usually found in any travel publication or website. Yet, we keep on laughing at ourselves as life unfolds in an unexpected way, teaching us to keep all expectations out-of-the-way and live now, a scary thought.

As a man, whom I’ve followed most of my life, once said, in my own paraphrased words,”Do you want to live the same life each day over and over for the next sixty years or do you wish to live a new life everyday for the next sixty years?”

Each journey is a different experience. We will feel different things, and experience different people and places. For your own journey, Laura and I offer this advice, prepare to laugh a lot,  keep your expectations on the ground, and then go because you want to go. Create your own stories for the fun of it. Make new friends with the faces you see. Visit new places for the experiences and graces you will be given.

3. Who we are and how we got to this point in 200 words or less.

We experience. We share. We podcast. We go with open hearts into uncertainty, not knowing who we will meet or what we will feel. The only thing we are certain to find is the uncertainty that each journey offers. So we go with an uncontrollable longing for more.

Stories Faces Places LogoitWe meet many wonderful people around the globe. Our experiences with strangers sharing their different beliefs, traditions, and passions are truly eye-opening, fascinating, and therapeutic for us. It is with hope that sharing those same good feelings with others is a joyful light, paying it forward.

Join us as we meet new people in our travels, we podcast about our experiences, the good, and the not so good, praying,  laughing, and learning to love ourselves and others for who we all really are, just pilgrims on a journey through life.

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Laura, a Chicago native is the color commentator, whom without, most experiences would be normal, errr, boring. Sometimes her inner Chicagoan comes out, “yous guys know what I’m sayin’ “.

Laura, offers her business background and value oriented nature, bringing to light in each podcast episode, pardon the use of this old cliché, the “biggest bang for the buck”. She is a master at finding just the right place to spend the night or two or five for the best price, hands down.

“Everyone offers a deal,” Laura says. “It’s finding that promotion or special event that is the trick. It’s hard work, just like in business,” she concludes.

Al, a Boston boy, is diligent about keeping all “Rs” in his words, but on occasion he is heard asking a stranger for the “wata bubbla”.

A published author in the business field,  Al is also the contributor of over sixty articles on the subject of negotiations, motivations, business psychology, and morality. Prior to moving out of the business arena, Al worked with many national corporations,  and spoke to groups on occasion.

In addition to writing for this podcast, he is the provider of historical facts (not always found in history books), serious moments of motivations, and nonsensical trivia of all sorts.

Both are well-seasoned travelers with over 300 plus places and counting. The world is a big place.

Come and laugh with us:

Come along as we share experiences not usually found in any travel publication. It is the world as seen through our eyes. It is experiences that teach us about ourselves and others, tolerating differences, gaining an understanding of the individual lives each one of us comes from, which makes up who we are as people, forcing us to nourish empathy, love, and respect for others and for ourselves.

Laughter is always the best cure. Learning to laugh at oneself and with another, not at another, is therapeutic. Knowing how little we know about ourselves and each other is a tool we must always remind ourselves to carry.

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